Difference between Baoju trailer and other suppliers’ trailer(Part One)

By | February 16, 2016

Shanghai Baoju Company has engaged in manufacturing food trailer for 8 years.

Our price may be not the lowest one in Chinese market. But we focus on the quality of food trailer.

Details of our trailer is different from the other suppliers’ trailer.

Here is the introduction of difference.

1. Chassis:

Baoju Trailer: Chassis is hot dip galvanized.Material and technology is from Germany.


Other Suppliers’ Trailer: Chassis is painted.

Othertrailer's chassis

2. Stabilizing Legs

Baoju Trailer: Foldable stabilizing legs. Made of stainless steel.


Other Suppliers’ Trailer: Painted steel.

jack wheel

3. Anti- Collision Beam

Baoju Trailer: Every trailer is with anti-collision beam. It protect the tail light and it’s easy for customer to go into the trailer.


Other suppliers’ Trailer: No anti-collision beam.

no anti beam

4.Waterproof Bench

Baoju Trailer:Edge is higher than the surface.It can prevent the water to go down on floor.


Other Suppliers’ Trailer: Bench is flat.

flat bench

5. Edge seal

Baoju Trailer:Screw is hidden and covered with waterproof strip.


Other Suppliers’ Trailer: Screw is on the surface. Not good for waterproof.

other supplier's edge


We’ll improve the technology of making trailer continuously and make every details well.

As for the differences, we’ll upate continuously.

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